Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tom and Jenny ~ Love Story Part 7!

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Jenny in the grips of the sinister doctor, is scared beyond herself!

I saw myself back at the same place!
Tied around, with no way to escape.
Fear had me griping, not knowing what to do.
Oh how beautiful was my life once upon a time!

“Yes, I have her where I want!
Scalpel, needles and rest is what I want!
Waiting for this day for a long time
Hope my dream comes true now” says Tom.

Hehe, how wonderful this day is, I have
Dreamt of, so many times.
I have her where I always want,
I wish I can extend this forever!

Oh god, what is going to happen to me!
How I wish this was all a dream
And I am back in my beautiful world
In wild wild woods, wandering carelessly around!


Come back next week to see what happens to Jenny!

Have a great weekend.


Kamini said...

Suspenseful and thrilling! Waiting eagerly for the next installment and happy ending!

editor said...

Girl your tom and jerry masala is the spicy one. It reminded me of a small Disney cartoon I once sketched when I was young and it was published in a news paper.I sent it on my sister's name.she always used to watch that column.I still don't understand whether I embarrassed her or made her happy. It was my effort to make her happy though.she was humble to say that it made her happy.
But any way your story is innovative.Keep this innovative effort going.My best wishes.


Srivalli said...

Thank you Kamini. Hope I can keep up the suspense!

Editor, thanks for dropping by and giving your wonderful comments. Its nice to know about your sketches!