Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tom and Jenny ~ Love Story Part 4!

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The situation of Jenny has become too serious! Read on to see what she has to face!

Oh! Life was beautiful,
Life was beautiful.
Had no worry, no care!
Until I heard, a sound so scare!
I ran as fast as I could,
But with a hand trying to catch,
I could only run as fast as I could dear!

Suddenly I was so happy, happy
That a tree was there to help,
So climbed as fast as I could
and slide as fast as I can,
to save this precious life of mine!
That's a stupid grin, I know for sure!

Oh! Life was beautiful
Life was so very peaceful!
Never had to dodge nor
Face all darts coming from everywhere,
with no place to hide myself.

Oh what a life, if I have to face
battlefield with no equal opponent.
So skilled, such expertise!
What's to become of this poor life!


Catch the action next week for the next Scene!

Have a great weekend.


Rajitha said...

i had to rub my eyes to make sure you did not lift these from a cartoon book!! your talent is mind-blowing..very very good valli...i am bowled over by you!!

Srivalli said... nice of you to say that...thanks..glad you liked them

durjoy datta said...

you did all that yourself.........???????
it's too good to be true...........!!!!!!!

Srivalli said...

durjoy..thanks for expressing it so well..

thanks for dropping visit tomorrow for the next scene to unfold!