Friday, December 14, 2007

Tom and Jenny ~ Love Story Part 2!

This is continuation of the Part 1, read from there to get the hang...

The scene is still all about Jenny's carefree life...

Life is beautiful,
Life is so very beautiful.
I have no worry, no care!
Ah!, life is so very beautiful.
With all Rain and Sunshine!
Rain, Rain come again,
I am here to play again
In pitter patter rain drops!
Pitter patter rain drops.

I am off with a pack and shade
for my beauty sunbath,
So warm, so nice after the chill drops.
Slugging and lazing under shaded light
Basking under the glory of light!

Life is beautiful,
Life is colourful,
I am off with my palette and hue
Eager to capture life in all its
Shades of Grays and Blues!

Oh, how I wish I could hide
myself in the verses sang by lore.
Bard's couplets is enough
to get one forget. Piles on piles,
a sight to feast sore eyes and a delighted heart.


Come back next week for the next Scene!

Have a great weekend.


Kamini said...

Oh, I just love this. Of course I will be back for the next installment!

Sig said...

WOW Srivalli, you are soooo talented... I love the paintings, and they story too... :)

Bharathy said...

I thought you were pointing to some Ad regarding Tom and Jenny!!..Woooooow..they were ur paintings!!!!Simbly great!!
where do you have time for all these??..and yes now it strikes...I saw a similar cartoon on Kamini's package u had sent too!!!!!
Awesome creativity..willcome back for the rest of the show too :)

Srivalli said...

Kamini, thank you...sure will be doing it soon!

Sig, thanks..glad you liked both!

Bharathy, oh..good that you took time to check it out!...well these are actually done a decade back. I did another for sending to kamini. Please do come back for rest, I will try to make it interesting!..:D