Saturday, December 8, 2007

Tom and Jenny ~ A Love Story!

Painting has always been something that I loved to do since childhood. Though I have laid my hands on most of the styles and medium, the best I have always loved were ones done with sketch pens And I love cartoon pictures so I always end up drawing them with sketches.

Most favorite of course, is Tom & Jerry. I have spent endless time watches these legendary cartoons. My creations have revolved around these quite frequently. I did a series on these two characters sometime back. And they then went off to loft. Recently, when I happen to check on these for something else, I was so surprised that its been 10 years since I drew these. The last 10 years has brought in so much change in my life. Yet I was happy that my style had not changed much, when I wanted to recreate the same picture.

This series revolves around a theme and each picture expresses a thought with the scene. I will caption the scene with words, but I had tried hard for the picture to express the character's thought.

Will be trying to update each part every week, so keep checking for updates!

This story is titled

Tom & Jenny - A Love Story!

The first scene starts with Jenny (of course, its a female character, this being a love story gotta!)

Jenny enters the scene!

Life is beautiful,
Life is beautiful.
I have no worry, no care!
I wander lonely in the wood.
With no worry, no care!.
So happy, so happy!
Woods are green,
The sky is blue,
And everything around is so cool!

Oh what's that! a bridge!
So lovely it looks, with lush blue water
going under! I walk through the bridge
So happy, So happy!

I jump across the log
And run around the wood...
Having a great time in the wood
with nothing to do around!
I walk back way to home,
For a good night sleep at home!

Yawn!..Its another beautiful morning!
The sun is shining so fine.
The flowers are blushing and shying away!
Let me get ready, for another day
To wander happily in the woods!


Come back next week for the next Scene!

Have a great weekend.


satya said...

You are multi talented Srivalli. Amazing.Search your loft thoroughly this weekend.You may find some musical instruments, ghunghroo[gajjelu]and some unpublished or published articles there.

Kamini said...

Wow, Valli, I'm dumbstruck at your range of talents! These drawings look professional, and the story is just too cute for words!

Siri said...

Srii, U surprised me totally with ur Amazing cartoons today.. I have no words to describe them.. they are so expressive JUST AMAZING!!!..Will look forward for more such cartoons dear!!

~ Siri

Srivalli said...

satya, thanks for the nice words..Glad you like them!

Kamini, thank you! glad you like these cartoons...makes me feel good..

Siri, and thank you for your kind words..gets me more encouraged to continue!