Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tom and Jenny ~ Love Story Part 3!

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The Story of Tom and Jenny is thickening!...

Life is beautiful,
Life is beautiful.
I have no worry, no care!
I love to play in bubbles
Tub full of bubbles flowing away!

To spread a bed in warm warm sun,
With cool breeze blowing by!
In the wild wild blues and green of trees

I ran around, going a merry go round!
Oh! Whats that??...a placard of warning!
Ah! What do I care, I have no fear!
I wander carefree in this beautiful world around!

Suddenly I hear! Oh whats that I fear,
Why bother, let me run as fast as I can
I can only run as fast as I can dear!


Come back next week for the next Scene!

Have a great weekend.


Siri said...

Awesome..Love the post..:)

will be waiting for the rest!

~ Siri

Linda said...

Hurry hurry, waiting for more! ;)

Srivalli said...

Thanks Siri and Linda. Glad to know you like them!