Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tom and Jenny ~ Love Story Part 10!

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Well finally we find Jenny in thick state of whats obsessed her!

Oh I feel so light and bright!
and I want to shout to the
whole world out "I love you"
Is all thats coming to my mind.

I want to go bang bang with a drum,
To tell each one and all
Of my love, which is so wonderful
And new, try stopping me, you can't.

With misty eyes, I lay down to catch
a bit of sleep. But, oh it eludes me
all night and I keep awake thinking,
with a sorry company of teddy

Oh whats that I see!
A big apple falling down
to tot towards me?
Oh why would I need one now?

Oh why should that apple come there..come back next week to check that out!


Uma said...

wow, you are a great artist. Love all your pictures.

Kamini said...

I'll certainly be back next week to find out!