Sunday, July 20, 2008

Collection of Poems ~ Memory of Love!

These are some staggering thoughts penned down in couplets and prose. I may in my fancy, call these as poems. But they are just expressions of thoughts as they came to mind. Mostly occurred during the early 20s of my life. Of course, hope I can be forgiven for thinking too glamorous as these a work of art! If any complaints, I point to the muse attacks at odd times!

Memory of Love!

Every Step, Step by Step adds to
The voyage of Life!
In the rustle and bustle of busy life
No time to pause to think and to feel.
Some moments come only to few
Which are the suspended phase of life.
It is a moment always frozen in time
Which has exalted feelings and emotions.
With the visionary beauty of being in love.
And we spend the rest of our mundane life
in the memory of that Love!


Divya Vikram said...

Nice poem Valli..I love those cute Tom n Jerry pics..Your kids are too lucky!

vasan said...

Ya you’re in a way right. I liked your ponderings