Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Those moments..

There are moments in life when you feel the want of inspiration to just go on. Moments like this are so hard on you that you just want to give up and dig in. Instead of giving up, if you just look around yourself, you may just get back the vigour you need to get back in track.
While all these thoughts were running riot, I happened to meet a spinster. She has many problems that really count as problems. Yet I have always seen her with a sunny smile however always a hint of pathos lingering around. But that's only obvious if you observe. Else none would ever say she shoulders so many responsibilities or pains.

People such as her, inspire you lot more ways than you care to know. It makes you know that hardships we think as such are never so!

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dr.antony said...

Life is not as simple as it looks.Happiness is something that comes from inside.People live comfortably and happily in the middle of all adversities. We learn from them