Wednesday, August 8, 2012


As the car slowly slides on, you look out to see the bright blue sky. With clouds moving in slow motion, it feels like you are on it, slowly gliding away. The bright light beckons you to look out, as you look on the reflections on the glass is more dominant than what's outside. The reflections of things within you, things that one should look more deeply and ponder. You are always given two choices, either you do or not. A very thin line always separates what's good and not.

With daylight so bright, you still wonder why it's gloomy inside, only to realize it's just your thoughts. Sometimes there hardly seem any scope for inspiration. You still should go on, checking in places where you would least find inspirations, those timeless moments comes when you least expect. And this journey is all about just traveling the best way possible.


dr.antony said...

Blues !
Wait for the sunshine,it is just at the turn of the road!

Srivalli said...

Thanks Doctor I have got the sunshine, I knew it was just matter of time..still thanks for the consoling words!