Friday, June 19, 2009

Another day!

Recently a colleague of mine came back from a vacation, it was only for couple of days. But the feelings and the rejuvenation he was expressing sound just too good to be true. But he confirmed it was. He said he didn't want to get back from those hills. He was trying to explain me how that place looked and I was imagining and visualizing on how it might look. Of course there has never been a time when I was correct in guessing a place on its looks. But I kind of liked the idea of getting away from this maddening crowd and being alone, that is if I can ever get away.

Have you ever felt the need to be alone? Growing up, I had loads of such times. Parents never intruded into what I was doing. I used to spend painting, or listening to KK songs, or even just gazing! I love gazing at the stars and the moon. How does the Moon look to you or rather looks at you?

To me since the time I can remember the chanda mama always had a face on it, ever smiling! I even felt it wore a sad look when I was sad, giving me company! And it was my company on many such alone times. If there was one entity that was always been with me through thick and thin, its chanda mama.

See how random the thoughts fly! Coming back to the original thinking, I wish I take few minutes to ponder on what I am doing. For ever its a big list that I need to complete. So much so that I was feeling awful hearing what Konda told me couple of days back. She asked me to forget my work and continue sleeping with them. I was surprised on her statement. She expressed further saying, "now you get back to your computer once we sleep right, why don't you just forget that and continue your sleep" I said "I have work nana." She said "that's what you do the whole day right?" Now how do I reply to that? As luck would have it she went off to sleep before I could respond, but I am still left with the question burning!

From when did this pastime, hobby turn into an obsession! Well whatever it is, I am enjoying it! I am still learning..every second of it..

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