Thursday, February 21, 2013

Designs on lifeline ~ Mehindi..

It's not everyday I indulge in this activity. Infact it's been years, since I felt I could do this for myself. That is getting Mehendi done on my hands. My niece, who does an excellent art work, found an interesting model this time, unlike the many years that have passed.

This January during our yearly visit to my sis-in-law for Sankranthi, this is something that happens without fail. However I am getting done this for the first time by her. After nearly 40 days, I can still see some hint to the hands that had Mehendi done, the memories are still fresh and that does remind me of those many years during childhood, when we used to grind and do a typical Indian way of applying!

Having got this done, I was so hesitant to get back to work! My colleagues thought I had gone for a wedding and so unlike me. Well it does get funny to shock people I felt.

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