Saturday, September 5, 2009

Perfect Bull's eye!

There was a time when I was making the perfect bull's eye! It came with practice I had, by making it regularly for my brother. I don't think I can now, atleast on the first try. I guess it depends on how frequently used the pan is and how well practiced hand you have! What's with a bull's eye you ask? Well try it yourself.

Why all this sudden reference to bull's eye? Well in my mind, if I had ever a question to know what's perfect, I used to think I can hit it right on the spot by saying perfection can be easily traced to a bull's eye. Nothing else ever comes close to perfection. And knowing that, I also know it takes practice to get at it.

These were the musing running riot when I was on my way to office. The morning hours are what I refer to mayhem, trying to get ready on time. I am at my scatterbrains to see how I can get everything orchestrated to perfection. Mom and Dad keep consoling me that its another couple of years for the kids to grow up and then no such issues to worry about.

But then, couple of years later, we have new set of worries to handle. Is life ever without it? I don't think so, I am grown fonder of the issues that crop up, actually!

Life can only be perfect with all its imperfect deeds or so I think!


Sharmilee! :) said...

I truely agree with u,It isnt easy to get a perfect bulls eye

Anonymous said...

yeah, i too agree, Valli. Life is not perfect as we read in books or watch in movies.