Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The return of the Hero!

The impending danger was sensed and so the 3 little warriors came out running, eagerly looking around. They knew the aliens can attack anytime! They fervently hoped their knight in the shining armour will be out soon to save them. The flash caught their attention and they turned to see the knight flying in with his weapon in hand. The mighty sword was all the little warriors had their eyes on and the big grin on the hero's face!

The three little warriors flocked around their hero, cheering him to kill the enemies. Each stoke from the hero had them in splits. Their merry at the enemy being killed so fast was boundless. Our hero is no less, he jumped and kneeled to find the right spot, to catch the enemies unaware. After all, there is no thing called fair in war or love!

This is war for sure, love will follow nevertheless. The head count rose up steady with the little one counting 35, 36, 38! Oh the little one is still picking up on Maths, alright! With each one down, the hero looked more majestic. He showed around the shining sword with pride! Fut Fut Fut went the sound, with each killing fell one enemy down!

Confiscating the entire place, the knight returned to his palace, carrying his formidable sword to bask in the glory and laurels waiting for him. He looked at his lovely little kingdom, all save and sound. They now can sleep peacefully.

The brand new bat does a great job of killing all the mosquitoes, grinned the Knight a.k.a my hubby dear!


jayasree said...

Good sense of humour.. LOL..

lata raja said...

Whew!! mosquitoes???? I was raeding all the way expecting it to be some playstation toy or a kids animation show. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha. I was imagining something and burst into laughter reading the last line.

Good, yaar.