Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thoughts as they pass..

I know I am updating this space after such a long gap. Days simply seem to disappear and you never know one from the other. It's been a routine that was hard to break. Before I could even realize we are into the six month of this year and I feel it just begun. It has literally been a rat race against every small thing I do every day.

Months, especially the last couple of months have vanished in thin air, can you believe literally thin air! It's all because kids had summer vacation and their school extended their vacation more. There I was worrying so much about the covering I had to do for Konda, father in law offering to help in and planned his trip accordingly and govt playing havoc on our plans. Finally looks like I will have to do all those covering myself. There actually was a time when I looked forward to that task.

School is reopening tomorrow for Konda, I am so much on nerves. Though I wake up pretty early every day, I wake up to work on the blog. My nightly work has been shifted to day as the kids don't let me work at night. The carefree days are gone, there is no more time for dilly dallying

There are many things I mentally listed that were to be done, still undone..
There are no more days to do them anyway...

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