Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Chase!

It was a busy evening, she was racing to jump the signals. As expected traffic at that office closing time is unbearable. The route that she took is always crowded but can't help much as she has to go through that way. Suddenly there was no way but to stop as the signal turned to red!
For no reason the car in front of her, caught her attention and she keenly looked at it. Then she heard some sound coming. which she knew was from the car in front of her. Before the Nancy Drew in her came waking, she had to first ascertain if it's true. Zip Zap she rode ahead, trying to be very close to the car to peep in. The car had all dark glass which didn't help at all. Now the sound was very distinct. It was surely coming from the car.
The car driver was in his late 40s or so, he didn't look much like a kidnapper. But then she has not actually seen a kidnapper in person right. For all you know there might be somebody dragged and tied down in the back seat, who was beating against the door. The noise was getting louder and she wondered why none of the other commuters didn't notice.
All the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys she devoured as a kid, came to help. She zoomed ahead to make sure she helps whoever that monster was kidnapping!
She was hoping the driver won't take a different route or a police would come before that happens. The police never came but the road was diverging and she had a hunch that he was taking the turn. She was short of ideas at what to do next, she was saw he turning. She also saw a loose silencer hanging below...
She was glad he took that turn!


rumskrish said...

I don't follow the story. What is the end to this story.?

Srivalli said...

rumskrish Well it ended that the rider was unnecessarily scared..:)..the other driver's car silencer had gone wrong..and after knowing that this rider continued her journey..